This template is inspired by a couple of other minimal templates you can find on The Open Design Community. Top menu is aligned to the right side of the header and you can use only four menu items there. I know it is a limitation, but I am assuming that it is enough for a simple personal website.

I have also ported this template to Nano CMS by Kalyan Chakraborthi. Download them from mypersonal website. You are free to modify anything on this design. If you are using it for a commerical purpose, please do not delete the credits link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Heading 2 - Unordered List

  • Sed fermentum nulla eu sem malesuada varius.
  • Phasellus interdum scelerisque arcu.
  • Nulla accumsan diam in nisi. Sed urna.
  • Sed consequat, dolor a mollis pellentesque, tellus tortor semper lacus, vel nonummy nulla risus eu dolor.

Heading 2 - Ordered List

  1. Nullam sed ligula. Duis sed dolor. Sed eu lorem.
  2. Integer hendrerit leo. Nulla facilisi.
  3. Proin condimentum placerat pede.
  4. Quisque adipiscing tellus eget arcu.
  5. Nulla eu magna ac neque tincidunt lacinia.
  6. Vestibulum gravida commodo quam.
  7. Morbi sollicitudin. Integer lacinia metus sed neque.
  8. Proin vitae augue sed augue tempor pellentesque.
  9. Praesent eu velit vel erat vehicula ultrices.

Duis sed enim. Praesent pretium elit a lorem. Ut condimentum accumsan enim. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed lobortis varius turpis. Donec cursus. Pellentesque aliquam facilisis est. Sed facilisis, odio vestibulum feugiat fermentum, lorem nisi fermentum ligula, in fermentum metus tortor eu pede. Suspendisse potenti.

Heading 3 - Blockquote & Image

Etiam semper tempor risus. Nunc fermentum neque quis erat vehicula elementum. Aliquam egestas lectus ac magna accumsan varius. Phasellus tempor euismod libero. Nunc ultrices, ante non condimentum rutrum, sapien nulla commodo neque, auctor blandit lacus mi at lacus. Donec et turpis vulputate mi consectetuer pellentesque. Mauris in risus.

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Heading 4 - Code

a:hover { color: #999999; text-decoration: none; } a:hover { color: #999999; text-decoration: none; }

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